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Pannus is a chronic, immune-mediated, progressive, non painful, non-contagious inflammatory disease of the cornea. It is most common in German Shepherds, but greyhounds are also affected. Pannus is characterized by deposits of pigmentation and granulation tissue, as well as blood vessel development, on the cornea; the dog appears to have a. CHRONIC SUPERFICIAL KERATOCONJUNCTIVITIS PANNUS What is pannus? Pannus is an inflammatory condition of the cornea and/or conjunctiva of the dog. It can be slowly progressive, although does appear to develop more rapidly in younger 2-4 years of age dogs. What causes pannus? Chronic superficial keratitis CSK—also known as German shepherd pannus, Überreiter’s syndrome, or degenerative pannus—is a progressive, usually bilateral, and potentially vision-threatening disease of the canine cornea. 1,2 It is characterized by chronic inflammation of the corneal epithelium and anterior stroma, which results in. Diagnosis of Pannus in Dogs. Most of the time diagnosis is based on an observation of the symptoms and if your dog is on the list of breeds that are more likely to suffer from the syndrome. Pannus Treatment. There is no cure for Pannus. The goal of any pannus treatment program is to control the disease and keep it from getting worse. Comprehensive resources about what causes pannus, available treatment options, and ways to ensure your dog can live a happy and healthy life outside. Connect with Photo used with permission from Bliss Animal Eye Care Since releasing our original article about pannus in dogs, we've had a lot of dog owners tell us their stories about dealing with pannus in their own dogs.

Pannus is a syndrome that causes blood vessels, pigment, and scar tissue to grow in and on the surface of the eye. Beginning in young to middle-aged adult dogs, the disease is seen more commonly in certain breeds including the German Shepherd Dog and shepherd crossbreed, Greyhound, and Dachshund, although it can occur in any breed. Chronic superficial keratitis CSK, or pannus, is a potentially blinding disease affecting the cornea. Any dog breed can be affected by pannus, but it is predominantly seen in German Shepherd dogs, Belgian Shepherd breeds, and Border Collies. Diagnosis is based on medical history and clinical signs. Treatment involves using topical. If a greyhound has been diagnosed with pannus, serious consideration should be given to excluding it from breeding to ensure that it does not pass the condition onto the next generation of greyhounds. In this way, the incidence of pannus in the greyhound industry can be significantly reduced over time. Greyhound Eye Disease - Pannus Pannus is a disorder that affects the eye of the greyhound, and will eventually lead to blindness if not managed. It is not painful in its early stages, causes no discharge from the eye, and may be hard to see unless you look closely at your greyhound’s eyes in good light. If it is.

Could Your Dog Have Pannus? What to Look for and How to Treat it. May 10, 2016. If you’ve talked to us on the phone or run into us out in the dog world, you probably already know our boy Tuckerman was diagnosed with pannus four years ago. The Greyhound and other Shepherd breeds including the Belgian Tervuran are also affected more than the average population. Animals living in hot climates, at higher elevations, or near water have additional UV exposure, resulting in an increased incidence of Pannus, which.

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